Sunrise has been family owned and operated since 1998 and we have some of the best hardwood technicians in the valley. Most of the people we employ have been in the business for well over a decade, some for over two decades. Our expertise in what we do is shown by our quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction. We are happy to meet with homeowners to discuss hardwood flooring as an option as well as help them pick the type of wood best suited for their individual needs. We have two show rooms that we use to meet with people. As I am sure you are aware, certain species of wood do better in our climate than others. We are always willing to educate people on the nature of wood as a flooring product, the end result being fewer call backs and a happy homeowner.







  • Dear Sunrise Hardwood, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you folks for the wonderful customer service. No need to go into great details as to the minor problems we had with our new hardwood floor. However, there were different ways to approach the touchups. Joshua came right out, assessed the problems, offered solutions, and went the extra mile to assure we were happy. He is an asset to your organization, and his understanding of good customer relations will go a long ways to keep clients and to attract new ones. I hope I don't need to build a new house again, but If I did, I would insist on using Sunrise Hardwood......... Many thanks, Ted and Linda Channel Bella Terra

  • Josh, We are very pleased with the job that Bill did and the floor looks great. When we are ready for a maintenance coat we will call you again. Thank you, John and Phyllis Grice

  • Hi Josh, Harold and l want to thank you for doing a great job on our Hickory floor (15/2 White Cliffe). It is beautiful! Thanks, Harold and Mary.

  • Hi Josh, Harold and l want to thank you for doing a great job on our Hickory floor (15/2 White Cliffe). It is beautiful! Thanks, Harold and Mary.

  • Hi Josh, Harold and l want to thank you for doing a great job on our Hickory floor (15/2 White Cliffe). It is beautiful! Thanks, Harold and Mary.


    Hardwood Flooring Yeahs:

    • Wipe up spills immediately.
    • Keep the relative humidity in your home between 45% and 55%.
    • Use door mats outside room entrances, in front of kitchen sink to help keep water, dirt and grit off your floor.
    • Move heavy appliances with an “air mat”. These devices lift appliances off of the floor causing zero/minimal damage. If an “air mat” is not available to you, you can slide them on a piece of thick carpet with the carpet facing down. Be very certain that there is no debris under the carpet as this may inadvertently cause some minor scratches or abrasions.
    • Place heavy duty felt pads on the bottom of all furniture in contact with hardwood flooring.
    • Replace hard, narrow rollers with wide, rubber rollers.
    • Ask your hardwood flooring professional what cleaning products should be used on the floor.

    Hardwood Flooring Nays:

    • DO NOT USE any of the following products (or products similar in nature) on your floor: Murphy’s Oil Soap, Pledge, Mop & Glo, Fantastik, any powder all purpose cleaner, Ammonia, Formula 409, Windex, or anything that has wax, oils, pH imbalances, etc.
    • Don’t walk across your floor in muddy boots, stiletto heels, cleats or shoes with any abrasive objects stuck to the bottom of them as this may cause surface damage to the finish and the plank flooring itself.
    • Never allow standing water on your hardwood for any length of time. Clean up any spills immediately, house plants should have something between their pots and the flooring material (Cork for example).
    • Do not play with your dog on your floor. Animals have a hard time gaining traction on a finished wood surface resulting in scratches and compression marks in the wood itself.
    • Do not scoot around your flooring on chairs with hard, narrow rollers. Be sure to have them replaced with soft, wide rollers to help avoid compression marks in the flooring.
    • Do not slide things across your floor on cardboard.

    Correct Expectations:

    • The moisture content (MC) of the product installed at time of installation is within the industrial standards of 6% to 9% MC.
    • The craftsmanship of the job is within industry standards.

    Incorrect Expectations:

    • A Table Top Finish – Each piece of wood sands differently depending on the grain and milling, making it virtually impossible for a completely flat finish.
    • Dust Particle-Free Finish – It is not possible to achieve a “clean room” environment and some dust and carpet fibers can be expected to fall on the freshly finished floor before it can dry completely. Minor imperfections in the finish will disappear generally within the first 60-90 days of living on the floor.
    • A Monochromatic Floor – Wood as a natural product varies from piece to piece. It is milled form a tree and will have grain and color variations consistent with the grade and species of hardwood selected. Furniture is made from (1) – (30) pieces of wood, while hardwood flooring is made up of 100’s – 1000’s of pieces.
    • A Floor That Will Not Scratch or Dent – Hardwood flooring can be dented by something as common as women’s high-heeled shoes, a pet’s claws, a cell phone, a bottle of beer etc. Varying species of hardwood foreign and domestic have different densities and will show damage less than others. Be sure to visit with one of our hardwood flooring professionals to discuss which species of hardwood would best fit your lifestyle.
    • A Floor Without Cracks Between Or In The Boards Of Some Species Of Hardwoods – Although your new floor may start tight with no cracks in between boards, as a natural product is will contract and expand with the change in moisture variation of the environment, most often due to the season change.


    Our hardwood floors are covered by a limited warranty.

    • We guarantee the grade of material and workmanship for one year.
    • We guarantee the moisture content of the product will be within the industry standards of 6% to 9% moisture content at the time of install.
    • *We do not guarantee against cupping, buckling or contraction due to improper care or climate conditions.
    • *We do not guarantee that the finish will not wear, scratch or dent.
    • *We do not guarantee that the finish will not amber, yellow or change color due to ultraviolet rays or other lighting.

    *The items we do not guarantee are influenced by site conditions and are beyond our control.


We look forward to working with you! Sunrise Hardwood Floors, Inc. Sales (208) 941-4690 or (208) 941-0037 Fax (208) 922-5255 Email us at: SunriseHardwood@aol.com